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Through Technology

The PEACE Crypto Xperience is a unique concept and a dynamic global initiative of goodwill. Our mission is to introduce the concept of crypto and the hashgraph to motivate and encourage the 4 billion followers of sport, music and the arts to make a positive impact on the future of our planet. The Crypto Xperience provides the simple introduction to the Crypto World.

As a Hedera Utility Token, 'PeaceBit' is essentially a ‘vehicle of engagement and entertainment’ and is utilized as a conduit to promote the UNDSMA mission to implement A Global Legacy Project.

Utilizing the hashgraph, along with the increased interest in crypto currency and digital assets such as NFT's is an effective way to bring awareness and support to our global mission of promoting Peace Through Sport, Education, Music and The Arts. PeaceBit is a brand that will be recognized and remembered. It is also an easily understood concept. Through PeaceBit, we will introduce simple, logical and fun ways to engage in cryptocurrency and to assist with the mission of promoting Education, Peace, Cultural Exchange and Understanding through the United Nations Department of Sport, Music and the Arts. 2.jpeg
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